The fact that regisseur had to project this movie for 10 years speaks for itself. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardi, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, and many other famous actors have contributed to this movie with their stunning acting. Inception will most certainly leave you speechless and reshape your way of perceiving reality! If you’re a fan of plot twists, action, good story, and great actors then I highly recommend this movie.

Fight Club

Possibly has the biggest plot twist in movie history EVER, and I personally had to watch countless youtube videos just to understand this movie a bit better. The way that Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were able to cooperate and implement their soules in this movie is simply stunning. Along with a great storyline, this movie has a significant amount of action, most of it being boxing and will surely keep your attention for 2 hours.

The Wold Of Wall Street

The lone wolf fulfilled his dream by becoming a billionaire in a short time doing quite illegal things with stock and now, he’s being hunted by the government. The main character is Leonardo Di Caprio himself and if you’re looking to find out how does an average billionaire in New York live then this is the Movie you wanna watch.


This revolutionary movie made me think about other civilizations on earth and whether we’re really alone in this universe or we just haven’t been able to find anyone else yet. The movie is enriched with a love story, enormous amount of creativity and a ton of action. Avatar was the first movie to manage to implement 3D technology in cinematography and was the first movie ever to earn more than 1 billion dollars. If you haven’t seen this movie by now, I believe that now is the perfect time to do it.

The lord of the rings

This movie is my all-time favorite and I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I watched each part of trilogy more than 100 times. The writer of this story J.R.R. Tolkien never wanted to earn money from this, and he actually, wrote the books as a bedtime story for his kids. As we all know bedtime stories are the best 🙂

The Hobbit

As you guessed, this is my second all-time favorite movie but I believe that hobbit actually has a more interesting story than the Lord of the rings. You’ll heavily bond with characters and I guarantee you that after first watching you’ll watch it many more times.


A classic movie that talks about WW1 famous mekenzens offensive and it’s hero. The whole movie was filmed in one continuous motion without any cutscenes interrupting the action which makes the story even more thrilling. The movie is extremely brutal and realistic and it made me realize how harsh war actually is.

The Hunger Games

This trilogy speaks of a time after a nuclear war in the USA. Complete chaos, poverty, and tyranny have taken over and people struggle to survive. Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job at being the main character and during trilogy, you will most certainly bond with her character Katniss.

6 Underground

This action-packed movie has it all. Money, fights, girls, cars, parties, crime, almost everything that you can think of. If you are an adrenalin lover this movie will get you pumped. The famous Ryan Reynold is, of course, the main character, but don’t worry he was amazing.

The Hangover

Every person that has had hangover will laugh so hard while watching this movie that he might even get an ab cramp. After every hangover night, 4 best friends can’t remember anything from last night and they quite fast find out how much they messed up. I bet you’re bored right now and you could use some good comedy movie.


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