Which side are you on?

I, personally am a fan of old Call of Duty games but I’ll give my best to stay neutral and honest while writing this post. Many things have changed since the first Call of Duty came out in October 2003 but the question is whether they changed for better or worse? I’m looking forward to hearing your oppinion downbelow in comments.

What has changed over the years?

The original theme, that this game was built upon, were historical events that took place in WW2. CoD was the first war game ever built and thanks to that gained huge popularity. They recreated most of the real battles and mission and made us, the players, feel like those soldiers. As time went by, the creators decided to implement a bit of fiction but it still felt realistic.

The third most disliked Youtube video ever was the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the game with the highest refund rate was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. From what I’ve seen and played, these two are actually a lot beneath the level that we got used to. They required a rather good computer and didn’t offer some breathtaking graphics or gameplay. We may say that Activision disappointed us a bit here.

In 2017 Activision decided to do a remastered version of their first game. They didn’t change the storyline so much but this time the graphics were amazing. Despite all this they made multiplayer almost PAY 2 WIN because you had, on top of initial 60$ for the game, to invest around 100$ to unlock all features such as maps and guns. As expected, you had to have gaming computer to run this game.

Who is Call of Duty’s biggest opponent?

As you have guessed, Call of duty’s biggest nemesis is Battlefield, which won over many CoD fans when they released Battlefield 1 Game in 2016. They came out with a great game idea, and the multiplayer part of the games was amazing. It might be still my favorite FPS game mode to play. At the moment of release the price was 60$ which was in the same price rank as CoD. I’m really interested wheter you stayed loyal to Cod or you became a Batlefield fan?

What’s Call of Duty really bad at?

The biggest issue I have with Cod is the way they optimize their games. They frequently make their games literally burn your computer and if your device is older than one year you will surely have problems with running the game smoothly. One small issue for me is the fact that they have been experimenting way too much and therefore drifted away from the original theme.

The legendary Captain Price

The man who was there from the very beginning, who stood and fought by our side all this time, the legendary CAPTAIN PRICE almost became a trademark of Call of Duty. This legendary game is full of characters like Captain Price, unforgettable battles, stories, and betrayals. Despite these huge changes I believe Cod is constantly becoming better and it will always have a special place in my heart. My question to you is whether Call of Duty is engraved in your heart?


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