Will Disney Plus overtake Netflix?

Will Disney Plus overtake Netflix?

To start, Disney Plus definitely undercuts Netflix on price. Netflix has three price ranges, with the Standard plan allowing HD viewing and up to two screens being watched at the same time – while the Premium plan ups this to four screens and UHD / 4K resolution viewing. A lot of you may wonder whether Disney Plus will be worth an additional subscription fee, or switching over entirely from your Netflix account.

Basic overview of the dilemma:

Netflix and Disney Plus are both on-demand streaming services for watching TV shows and films. With a whopping 140 million subscribers worldwide and a hugely broad content library, Netflix is the current king of the platform
There are now plenty of other streaming services online like Hulu, HBO Go or Amazon Prime Video but none have captured the market as much as Netflix did.

Netflix has however relied on a lot of classic TV shows which get increasingly expensive to license(Friends or Breaking Bad). That’s why Netflix is encouraging its owns original content like Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Patriot Act. The rise of Disney Plus has also meant the removal of a lot of Disney-owned content from the platform. Disney makes serious money (an estimated $300 million) putting its films and properties on Netflix and other services.

Price and availability of the platforms:

To start, Disney Plus definitely undercuts Netflix on price. Disney Plus costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year in the US. That’s a decent amount under Netflix’s $8.99 per month Basic plan.

Netflix has three total price tiers, with the Standard plan allowing HD viewing and up to two users watching at the same time, while the Premium plan ups this to four users and UHD / 4K resolution.

Disney Plus only has one price tier with 4K and HDR content available to all subscribers (if they have a 4K TV). Disney is describing this as “high-quality viewing” rather than 4K,


Library comparison:

While Disney has access to a lot of high-profile franchises (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar…), it won’t have the endless library of content we expect from Netflix (around 6,000 titles).

There’s clearly a lot of opportunities for Disney to leverage its existing assets beyond the movie theatre, like making the first Star Wars TV Show The Mandalorian. While its purchase of 20th Century Fox means it will soon have some advantages over Netflix we arent so sure its enough to keep it on its feet.

With titles like Orange Is the New Black, La Casa de Papel, Bojack Horseman, and YOU on the Netflix platform, the audience has some real binge-worthy titles that arent going anywhere. Netflix sometimes sacrifices quality over quantity, but even then there are enough high-profile shows to ensure most viewers will remain loyal.


The monthly subscription price is already pretty attractive, and it gives you a month’s worth of content for the price of buying a Disney movie on iTunes. It’s more likely that Netflix will keep the edge with its sheer number of original titles, and therefore it won’t go under for the times being. if you’re not a die-hard Marvel fan or a parent needing some distracting Disney cartoons for your children, it’s hard to see Disney Plus becoming part of your daily routine in the same way as Netflix. But if you’ve been persuaded by Disney Plus, go for it. Personally I haven’t been!


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